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  • Branding
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  • Graphic Design
Hound band Photo

The “Hound” is a man who lives a life of boozing not necessarily at his own will but as a product of the existence he was born into.

- 4006

Band Photo with armour

Hound are a casual bunch of guys with a hectic bunch of songs, drawing inspiration from post-punk and new wave music. While searching for a look for their first EP, they staggered out into a field with a camera and a full suit of jousting armor.
I'd produced a couple of promotional posters for the group early on. They're as vulgar and sarcastic as they are laid back and lovely. They were looking for some more involved design work for upcoming EP and album releases and I leapt at the request to put some stuff together for them.

Earlier Hound Posters
Hound EP cover

EP 1.

In the lead up to their first EP launch, they were keen to get a logotype to brand themselves. They wanted something as clean and minimalistic as was possible without flirting with sterility. They also wanted to incorporate the armour from their shoot where possible. I started on one mockup and we refined it until we settled on a final type design.

Logotype Design 1 Logotype Design 2 Logotype Design 3 Logotype Design 4

Following this, I set about creating a simple illustration based on their photography excursion for the cover of the first EP. An open helm in profile was paired with the logo for the EP's digital release.

Logotype Design 1 Logotype Design 2

Dying In The Sun.

Some time passed, and the band put together their debut album. The band's love for goth rock spilled over into a film clip produced by a talented team, and I was given the opportunity to design the cover for their album, which was released digitally and as a limited run LP.

Hound vinyl cover