Inktober Postits

Inktober 2015 – Part 2

I didn’t manage to finish something every day, but even arbitrary deadlines can help spur you to action and I was able to put a lot of equipment through testing I’d been meaning to do for a while. I actually enjoyed these little post-it notes the most out of any of it. Super disposable, diminutive and adhesive. I’m thinking I might try to cover a wall with these little things.

Inktober - Backstreet's Back Alright lettering

Struggling to find good quotes to work on, I thought I’d go the other way.

Inktober - Portrait hatching

More fun with cross hatching


I’ve taken to working with dip nibs a lot. With a little effort you can get a lot of control over weight variation. I pulled out some bright green Lamy ink to test out one of the folded nibs I made a few weeks ago. Most of what I did turned out to be either shading experimentation or letter work.

Inktober - Butterfield

Love is A Butterfield

Inktober - Monkey

Mean little monkey with some slick black hair


I tried to dedicate at least some time to working on understanding the famously finicky kuretake brush pen. Some errors. Some successes.

Inktober - Eskimo

Practicing with a Gilott nib and Winsor and Newton India ink

Inktober - Atrus

Fiddling with shading patterns. Atrus isn’t supposed to look so dour.


I’d love to work on copperplate etchings at some stage. Getting the linework and shading right is surprisingly tricky. I used a flex nib and PITT pen for these two respectively and went for something with a little colour and little white acrylic stars below to finish the month off. A fine brush would have worked a lot better than the nib I had available.

 The character Giskard from Asimov's Robot series. Its tacky old sci-fi but I love it.

The character Giskard from Asimov’s Robot series. Its tacky old sci-fi but I love it.