Nut Brown Ale label

Homebrew notes – Year One!

I started working on homebrew at the start of last year and fell way further down the rabbit hole than I ever expected I would. This is a catalogue of stuff I’ve learned or tried over the course of the year, kept as a reference for later.

Tasmania and Gordon Dam


It’s been a very long time since I had time off from work. Longer still since I had a holiday. I’d booked a few weeks to myself just to be on my own to create. Matt managed to land an excellent new job however, which started around the same time. This left him with a week off to coincide with mine. We’re looking to head to Canada and the USA in a few months so we figured why not test things out with a short trip! We headed to Tasmania on Saturday morning, after Matt took me out to check out Lemurs at Australia Zoo for my birthday!

Homebrew notes – Batch 2. Australian Pale Ale

In which I build a cheap fermenter cooler, program a Raspberry Pi to send temperature sensor readings to a database for tracking remotely, and forget to track starting gravity once again on a batch of Australian Pale Ale extract homebrew.

Homebrew notes – Batch 1. Golden Lager

I never expected I’d be at all interested in homebrew. I enjoy beer, but just as much as anyone else and the long process of creating a drinkable homebrew seems a lot like work. Packaging design is fantastic fun though, and I rarely get the chance to do any. Talking with a coworker about his homebrew hobby got me thinking that with a little effort, the resources are out there for me to learn the craft fairly quickly and make the kind of beer I like to drink. I could then follow this with some label art and fling bottles of free beer at my more tolerant friends. 

Making a Brass Folded Pen

Folded pens are fantastic for lettering and impossible to bloody find. Brass sheeting on the other hand can be purchased off eBay fairly cheaply and easily, and with some pliers, a file and some cutting shears you can easily make your own at home. Here’s how!